After an exhausting working day, all you need is taking a warm bath and lying down on your bed with some soft light and relaxing music. Just when you are ready to read a good novel that you have suspended it for a while, what if there’s a phone ring coming to ruin this wonderful moment. You reach your hand out to get the phone, but it is plugged to the wall socket which is far from your reach. All you can do is to jump down from the bed and rush for answering this phone and pondering “who is calling so late, everything is prepared for me to get rest.”

The representative of Sing of China, he brought this concern that troubled people in their life time to Yommo located in Dongguan. Had been touring of each respective work shop and exchanging the ideas with each other for hours, GM of Yommo thoroughly understood what the product "Sing of China" was looking for. Right after they back into the show room, GM grabbed one of the products which was a combination of speaker and night stand light.

While "Sing of China" was still wondering if this product was suitable for me, GM gave him a confident smile and intrigued him to hear what she is going to say.

GM: Who you plan to sell this product to?

Sing of China: Teenager around 18-25 years old.

GM: After all the meetings and discussion, I know you want to find a night stand light.

Sing of China: Yes, but if you are going to introduce a night stand light. Then I think I come to a wrong place.

GM: Of course not, you know we are a manufacturer of speaker. This product is a combination of speaker and night stand light.

The representative gave GM a look showing he wanted her to keep on. GM held the product and kept introducing: Buttons are labeled with intuitive icons to signify each function and deliver a friendly interface. There’re functions like “Power on/off”, “Light”, “Bluetooth”, “radio”, “Volume Increase/Decrease”, “Play/Pause”. Driver unit is 3.5”, 6Ω, 18W. Dome is 20mm, 8Ω, 3W. 

GM used her I POHNE 6 plus demonstrating how to connect to Bluetooth. With pressing “Play” button, a deep and vigorous voice singing ”Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, it was a song by British female artist Lauryn Hill. Suddenly everyone was touched by this unforgettable melody which is originally sung by Frankie Valli from The Four Seasons.

Pressing “Pause” button, GM glanced at the representative and asked him to use Huawei P9 Lite to connect. Within 5 seconds, P9 Lite got the signal and connected successfully. 

GM: Okay, now every function is no problem. Should we start to introduce other features of the product?

Then GM lifted up her hand and pressed hard down to the lamp. The representative subconsciously

reached out his hand trying to stop this action, thinking it might crash this lamp. But when he looked back again on this product, it was fine and the lamp turned to an adorable shape like a mushroom.

Just when the representative trying to ask, GM explained: The material of the lamp is not Acrylic instead it is made of something soft & shapeable.

The representative started laughing, and said: I thought it is made of Acrylic. I never expect the design of lamp came with a soft shell. But may I ask why it is in softshell?

GM: You said in the beginning that your marketing group is for the teenager around 18-25. If they saw this product and think it is just another speaker with lamp. Doesn’t it too boring? 

GM held the product and turned it to another side and said: See, on the side of the body there’s Micro USB and USB. You can use it as a power bank to charge your mobile when it might only left 10% or 20% electricity when you back to your room after a whole day. You can enjoy listening to music, reading books and playing mobile all at the same time. 

The representative interrupted at one: And you don’t have to rush down to the socket far from your bed when there’s a phone call comes. Fantastic! this is exactly what I want!

GM kept saying: Now you don’t need power bank and night stand light, you only need to put this product on your night stand. Get rid of all those charging wires, alarm clock, and lamp. Doesn’t it make your night stand more clean and neat?

A week after Sing of China left, Sales Dept. got a call from them telling they need a sample of the speaker with night stand light combination. It’s estimated a huge order qty for the next year.

The sales person reported this good news to GM at once, GM smiled and let the sales person to start work afterward. GM was happy, but the reaction of Sing of China at the end kept coming back to her mind. She is more glad that she can fulfill the spirit of G-Tech” Listening to customer’s needs, Provide the Best Solution.”