Development Manager

Post:Research & Develop manager
Record:Responsible for major international customers in design&develop of the electronic hardware parts and familiar with product certification rectification. Design&develop products for portable Middle/Hi-end Bluetooth speaker, Soundbar, Bluetooth&wifi module and concept product design for the big customers such as SONY, Logitech, Mi(Mi Pocket Audio). All alone operation!! 
1. JAZZ HIPSTER coperation(ShenZhen) Electronic Engineer 2011/Mar. to 2014/Feb. (2Y11M)
2. Shenzhen INTLER corporation Electronic Engineer 2009/Jul. to 2011/Mar. (1Y8M) confidencial 
3. Sonicstar (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd Electronic Engineer (concurrently as Engineer Supervisor) 2005/Jul. to 2009/Jun. (3Y11M) confidential
4. CSBO (DY.AUDIO) Electronic develop assistant (concurrently as product engineer) 2004/Jun. to 2005/May (11M)

Quality Manager

Post:Quality dept. Manager
1. QYCR.GLASS (2013/Jan. to 2016/Apr. 3Y3M)
2. LG Innotek (2011/Feb. to 2011/Dec. 10M)
3. TCL Home Internet dept. (2007/May to 2010/Nov.  3Y6M)

Production Manager

Post:Production Manager
1.2002 to 2005 in YUHONG Electronic Manufacture Co.,LTD, as Team Leader. Responsible for cable production and management. 
2.2006 to 2008 in YUHONG Electronic Manufacture Co.LTD, as Supervisor. Responsible for production and management of plastic part, oiling, silk print. 
3.2009 to 2011 in YUHONG Electronic Manufacture Co.,LTD, as Manager. Responsible for production and management of plastic part, oiling, silk print and wood case.
4.2012 to 2016 in YUHONG Electronic Manufacture Co.,LTD, as Production Manager. Responsible for production and management of plastic oiling, silk print, wood case, hardware, driver unit, cable, transformer, mesh, PCB and assembly line. 

project manager

Post:Sales Manager
1.Join UK Barclay bank Group-Barclaycards UK credit card company in 2013 Feb., as business performance analyst. Duty as analyze certain business activity, maintain current customers and search for potential customer to provide information support.
2.Join the management of company internal HR and Purchasing at 2010 Aug. to 2012 Aug. And also responsible for company’s publicity and daily management. This job was my main financial source during the time of study in UK. By this job, I pay all my expense during the study and living for Master’s degree in UK.
3.Oct, 2009 to July, 2010.
Apple store Newcastle sales representative
Take the job in apple store as apple genius clerk in Newcastle UK. Introducing the specialties and advantage of apple product. Interflow with customers for selling and provide technical support. 
4.Sep, 2010 to Feb, 2012
(Oversea) University of Northampton Financial Master degree in International Banking & Finance. The courses include Business financial report, Global Financial Strategy, Investing Analyze, CSR, International banking and financial marketing, ERM. Graduation Project: Multinational Corporations in China and Their Corporate Social Responsibility Practices. 


Post:Project Manager


1.Jiangxi Dayu County Piaotang Tungsten Mining (State-owned business), the biggest tungsten mining in Jiangxi, business: mining, geologic. Job: mining.1995/Jan. to 1997/Apr.
2.Dongguan Dongfa Electronic (Electronic/Photoelectric/Microelectronics) Job: Operator.1997/May to 2002/Mar.
3.Clarion China DCOE Factory (Electronic/Photoelectric/Microelectronics) Job: Production electronic engineer to Develop electronic engineer. 2002/Apr. to 2003/Jun.
4.EMCOM(Electronic/Photoelectric/Microelectronics) Develop team 2. Job: Electronic develop engineer.2003/Jun. to now